Ikebana International (I.I.)

Ikebana International was founded in Tokyo in 1956 by the late Ellen Gordon Allen as a worldwide organization dedicated to the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship through ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, and other related arts of Japan.
Ikebana International is administered by volunteers of many different nationalities and ikebana schools.
In 1969, Ikebana International was granted the status of Shadan Hojin, a title given to cultural, nonprofit organizations in Japan. The organization’s aim is to spread goodwill and understanding throughout the world with Friendship Through Flowers Over the years Ikebana International has grown to more than 160chapters in more than 50 countries and has around 7.500members worldwide.

Tokyo Founding Chapter (TFC)

Tokyo Founding Chapter has over 700 members including wives of Ambassadors to Japan and honorary members.

Monthly Meetings

Members meet every month, from September through June.Programs include ikebana demonstrations by accomplished masters from a variety of ikebana schools, other presentations of Japanese culture, a day tour plus the following events.

Ikebana International Fair

Dozens of members work together every year for this special end-year fundraising event.The fair features ikebana exhibitions by headmasters, booths for shopping sponsored by embassies from all over the world, special entertainment, raffles, and much more.

Ikebana Exhibition by Members

Exhibition brings together flower masters of many different schools, their teachers and students into harmonious relationships.

Gala June Luncheon

The highlight event of the year is an ikebana demonstration and luncheon at a top class hotel.











September 2018

Dear Members,

I hope all of you have been well in the unusually intense heat of this summer. It is now getting cooler day by day.

Having been reelected as President, I , Misako Ishii, would like to carry out the programs of this fiscal year with your help and support.

Two Female Ambassadors and many wives of the Ambassadors to Japan
are now members of TFC. I am sure the motto of I.I., “Friendship through flowers”, has been put in practice.

The Fair 2018 is going to be held at Royal Park Hotel on Wednesday, December 19th with the presence of H.I.H. Princess Takamado. Many Iemoto exhibit Ikebana at the Fair. Madam Matelda Starace, the spouse of Ambassador of Italy to Japan, kindly accepted the Fair Chairperson. Italian entertainments, International bazaar by wives of Ambassadors to Japan, gorgeous raffles from the Italian Embassy, etc. will fascinate all guests. Fair Coordinator, Junko Katano, is now leading the preparation for the Fair. The proceeds to be raised from the International booths will be donated to the flood stricken areas of western Japan.

In April 2019, the Ikebana Exhibition by TFC members & White Elephant Sale will be held at KKR Hotel Tokyo (2F). TFC members including Iemotos, Ambassadors and wives of Ambassadors, will exhibit wonderful Ikebana. At the same time, members, visitors and guests can enjoy the White Elephant Sale.

We plan to invite international students this year as part of introducing Japanese traditional culture to people from abroad. Aiming at “Friendship through flowers”, we have prepared for the attractive monthly meeting programs inspiring many members to come.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you again in September .

Misako Ishii
Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter





2018年度支部長として再任されました石井美佐子でございます。今年度も会員の皆様のご支援を仰ぎ、プログラムを進めて参りたいと思っております。どうぞよろしくお願い 申し上げます。東京支部では、現在多くの駐日大使及び大使夫人も会員となられ、私どものモットーである「花を通じての友好」がなされています。

毎年恒例の東京支部主催のフェアは、高円宮妃久子殿下の御臨席のもと、12月19日(水)にロイヤルパークホテル(水天宮)にて開催いたします。フェアは、沢山のいけばなのお家元が集う 祭典です。今年度のフェア委員長は駐日イタリア大使夫人、マテルダ スタラーチェ様がお引き受け下さいました。イタリアのエンターテインメントを中心に、イタリア大使館からの豪華な福引や各国大使夫人のインターナショナルバザー等、皆様を魅了することと思います。現在、片野順子フェアコーディネーターのもとに準備が進められています。 インターナショナルブースからの収益金は、西日本水害地域支援のために献金される予定です。

2019年4月16日(火)には、会員によるいけばな展とホワイトエレファントセール(会員提供によるバザー)を大手町、KKRホテル東京にて開催致します。会員お家元、会員大使、   大使夫人や多数の会員が素敵ないけばなを披露致します。ホワイトエレファントセールもとても楽しく、手作りの美味しいケーキやクッキー等も出そろいます。どうぞこぞって  お出かけ下さいませ。



支部長 石井美佐子


Members receive three issues of the Ikebana International Magazine per year.
Sakura News and Chapter Activities Newsletter inform members of Chapter, headquarters and regional ikebana activities.