Ikebana International Fair 2016



mahendraAround the world, the vast majority of people associate the word “ikebana” with Japan, an art that reflects the admiration and respect for nature.

Peru has more than 28 thousand species of plants, which is equivalent to 10 % of the total amount of species in the world and 30 % of them are endemic, that is to say that they are found only in our country and it would be interesting to have a similar art to ikebana with our flowers.

Nature is very important for Peruvians, and for the same reason the flora is represented in the national emblem with “quina” tree from which “quinina” is extracted. Quinina is the medicine that saved humanity from the terrible disease “Malaria”, and it was one of the first contributions from Peru to the entire world. “Cantuta” is the sacred flower of the Incas for its extraordinary beauty. It is the national flower of Peru, and we chose it as a symbol of this event since the Incans are said to have always worked together for the common good.

I invite you to be inspired by the flower “Cantuta”. We unite and work together to help the victims who suffer the consequences of the earthquake in Kumamoto.

Cristina Escala
Wife of the Ambassador of Peru
I.I. Fair 2016 Chairperson

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