Ikebana International Fair 2015


mahendraIkebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, which has been practiced for over six centuries and international recognized. One of the interesting facts about Ikebana is that it is not merely putting together different flowers and plants and creating a single arrangement in a vase or flower pot. Ikebana goes far beyond that. There are philosophies behind Ikebana, which people should realize and learn to fully understand the meaning behind each arrangement and experience the connection between nature and themselves. When the connection is achieved, the heart and mind were believed to be purified. This is the essence of Ikebana.

Although there is no such an art as Ikebana in Indonesia, the relatively similar mindset is present in our country. We believe there are philosophies behind the flower. Let me show you the flowers of Melati Putih (Jasminum Sambac) as an example. Melati Putih is an emblem of Indonesia. Their white petals symbolize purity and beautiful mind, which is why it historically associated with fallen heroes that sacrificed their life for the country. And their distinctive fragrance is fused with our culture in the form of tradition and spirituality. There were always Melati Putih in weddings, funeral, joyful and cheerless occasions, showing the importance of this flower in our life.

I am happy to part of the 2015 Ikebana International Fair. Not only because the Japanese and Indonesian people have similarity in understanding flowers, but also because this event give me and other flower lovers an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature that we sometimes forget to appreciate in our busy lives.

Mme. Dewi L. Ihza Mahendra
Wife of Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia
Fair 2015 Chairperson

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デウイ ルシアナ イーザ マヘンドラ

Ikebana International Fair 2015

Announcement and a Request for Cooperation

October, 2015

Dear I. I. Members,

The I. I. Fair, which is the Tokyo Founding Chapter’s biggest annual event, is set to take place on December 7th at the Tokyo Prince Hotel. We will be graced with the attendance of our Honorary President HIH Princess Takamado and are honored to have Dr. Dewi L. Ihza Mahendra, wife of Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, chairing the planning committee.

As part of the entertainment, we have arranged to show off the Indonesian colors of our chairwoman. There will also be exhibitions by Iemoto, international booths run by the Ambassador’s wives, and a Bazaar with goods made by charitable organizations and our I. I. members. We are planning a Fair that goes back to the roots of Ikebana International. We will send out tickets in October, and they will also be available for purchase at Monthly Meetings.

In August, 2016, Ikebana International turns sixty. This year’s Fair will be a pre-event to mark that important anniversary. In order to realize our President’s goal of full participation, we hope that many of you will become committee members to help us start this anniversary year in style. We hope that all members will come together to look back on past Fairs in order to find the new direction I. I. Fairs can take in the future.

Looking back to the Future   過去へのまなざし、未来への光

We humbly request your cooperation and support to help make this I. I. Fair the best yet.

Tamaki Morii, Fair Coordinator
Tokyo Founding Chapter, Ikebana International

いけばなインターナショナルフェア 2015





東京支部の最大のイベントI.I.フェアは、名誉総裁・高円宮妃久子殿下のご臨席を賜りデウイ ルシアナ イーザ マヘンドラ駐日インドネシア共和国大使夫人をフェア委員長にお迎えして、来る12月7日(月)に東京プリンスホテルで開催いたします。

エンターテイメントは、フェア委員長のお国 インドネシアの香りあるものをお願いしお家元によるいけばな展、大使夫人が自ら売り子となって頂くインターナショナルブース慈善団体や会員の手づくりの品々が並ぶバザーはもとより、本来のいけばなインターナショナルらしさが感じられるフェアにと考えております。


Looking back to the Future


フェアコーディネーター 森井 環