Ikebana International Fair 2017

Mrs. Rahel Zewdie Sleeuwagen,
Spouse of the Belgian Ambassador to Japan
I.I. Fair 2017 Chairperson

As the Chairperson of Tokyo Founding Chapter Fair 2017, I am very pleased to announce the yearly fundraising event on the 4th of December 2017 at the Royal Park Hotel. 30 embassies taking part in the event will be selling products from their countries to raise money in support of the victims of the floods in Kyushu. I invite you to come and celebrate Ikebana – the art of Japanese flower arrangement, the language of peace, the language of unity in harmony, where nature and humans merge in creating a living art. Being the spouse of the Ambassador of Belgium, I can confirm that this language of flowers has strong roots everywhere, also in Belgium, where last year the whole square of the Brussels’Grand Market was transformed into a gigantic Japanese flower carpet. As I was born in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, I propose to celebrate the coffee flower as the flower of this year’s session.” Coffee is a Gift to The World from Ethiopia” Japan and Ethiopia share many cultural similarities. The Japanese tea ceremony and the Ethiopian coffee ceremony share the same social function and just as the sakura, we treasure our yearly meskerem flower, heralding the beginning of a new year. With a message of peace and unity, let us cherish our similarities, rather than focus on our differences. Let us unite through this noble idea of Ikebana and cooperate to supporting those affected by the Floods in Fukuoka Prefecture.


ラヘル ゼウディ スレーワーゲン

東京支部主催のいけばなインターナショナルフェア2017のフェア委 員長として、2017年12月4日にロイヤルパークホテルにてフェアを開 催しますことを大変嬉しく思います。30の大使館がこのフェアに参 加し、バザーの収益金を九州の水害被災地に寄付する予定です。 日本の芸術であるいけばなは、自然と人間が一体となって生きた芸 術を創造し、かつ世界を一つに結ぶ平和のメッセージです。ベルギー 大使夫人として、この花の持つメッセージは、いたるところで根付いていると確信します。ベルギーでも、昨年、ブリュッセルのグランプ ラス広場が日本の花で埋め尽くされたフラワーカーペットが話題になりました。 私は、コーヒーの発祥の地である、エチオピアで生まれました。この イベントの象徴として、コーヒーの花を選びました。「コーヒーは、エ チオピアから世界への贈り物です」。 日本とエチオピアは、文化において多くの共通点があります。日本の 茶道とエチオピアのコーヒーセレモニーは、同じような儀式です。日 本の桜のように、エチオピアでは、新年を告げる花を大切に思って います。平和と調和のメッセージで、お互いの共通点を分かち合い ましょう。この崇高ないけばなの精神で、福岡の水害被災地の方々を援助しましょう。

Junko Katano, Fair Coordinator

Ikebana International Fair 2017 will be held on Monday, December 4, 2017 at Royal Park Hotel (Nihonbashi). It is a very special and unique opportunity to see the iemoto of 37 different ikebana schools all exhibiting in one place. Some 30 embassies, such as US, China, Russia, Korea and Palestine, will participate in this charity bazaar. I think of it as peace talk through flowers. Beyond countries, this fair represents Friendship through Flowers.
This year we will prepare a special corner to introduce traditional cultures and ritual ceremony in “Tea (coffee/water) Ceremony in the World.” On the second floor, the spouses of the ambassadors of Qatar, Yemen and Ethiopia will show the ceremony of tea and, as well, the Japanese tea ceremony and European style tea will be presented. You will also see different kimono and be shown how to wear these.
The fair committee has started preparations. From arranging the hotel spaces for the bazaar and exhibition, the sale of admission and raffle tickets, collecting raffle items, to contacting each embassy, contacting each iemoto for the ikebana exhibition, making crafts, preparing homemade cakes, and contacting the media for promotion. It is a lot of work but for a good cause – to benefit the victims of the flood in Fukuoka and fund raising for Tokyo Founding Chapter’s initiatives. This fair is one of our biggest annual events and I really hope that you will join us and enjoy ikebana and the international atmosphere of the bazaar. And most importantly, to share friendship on this occasion.


フェアコーディネーター 片野順子