Mothly Meeting-October 2017

Koryu-Rionkai was founded in the mid Edo era. Koryu-Rionkai ikebana has two styles, traditional form and modern form of free-style. The traditional style focuses on arranging leaves in a formulated manner perfected 200 years ago. Mr. Riou Udagawa, Headmaster of the Koryu-Rionkai School also takes on the challenge of creating contemporary ikebana suitable for various spaces, including artistic installations.
The demonstration’s theme was “Autumn Twilight”. He piled up Japanese vases with autumn flowers such as Hototogisu in order to express this theme.
いけばなインターナショナル東京支部 10月例会古流理恩会は江戸中期に創設されました。理恩会のいけばなは、伝統的な形態とフリースタイルの形の二つのスタイルです。伝統的な形態は、200年前に完成した葉組を中心とした様式から構成されます。