Monthly Meeting -November 2017

 Ikuseiryu was founded by Gahou Sawai in 1954. It aims at flower arrangement as a means for advancement in completion of human being while enjoying the beauty of Ikebana.
Ms. Masae Sawai, Headmistress of the Ikuseiryu performed Ikebana Demonstration on the theme,“Flowers for Parties”. The demonstration was accompanied by Shamisen, Japanese dance, and Erhu (Chinese two-stringed bowed instrument) performance by Ms. Yang Yuki.
Ms. Masae Sawai studied Ikebana and Tea ceremony in her early childhood. Then she started arranging not only ikebana but also tea ceremony flower.
Finally, she made a big flower arrangement with Japanese umbrella.

いけばなインターナショナル東京支部支部 11月例会