June Gala Luncheon 2014

The grand finale of monthly meeting in 2013-2014 was held at the Tokyo American Club on June 5. For the first 15 minutes, we left everyday life in the tone of harp by Ms.Risa Simizu, and the greeting as usual. After the lunch, with the splendid motion of Ms.Yuki Ikenobo, wonderful work was decorated on the stage, and it was demonstration time as if it blessed the engagement of the second daughter of HIH Princess Takamado. We thank all chapter members for kind understanding and support to Tokyo Founding Chapter activities 2013-2014. We would like to ask your support for the new board directors in the coming year. We thank you very much once again and good bye.

Ms. Yuki Ikenobo, Ikenobo Headmaster Designate
Conducted in 2013 an Ikebana workshop at Harvard University, and perfomed a flower offering ceremony at United Nations HQ in New York.

Ms. Risa Shimizu, Harpist
Graduated from Toho Gakuen University Music Department, and completed the Graduate School. Active performance in the areas of solo, chamber music and orchestra now.